You can visit the Gitlab repository. Changes are pushed to the repository, built by Gitlab and finally, deployed here.


I made this site with Gatsby v2. Gatsby is a static site generator with a unique approach. Unlike Hugo, it uses JavaScript instead of internal directives that are difficult to extend. Gatsby goes beyond a dynamic language like JavaScript and uses React, components and "server side rendering" to logically and consistently construct well designed and engineered sites. Gatsby uses GraphQL as its data fetching layer, and has plugins for parsing in Markdown, YAML, and more. Finally, it intelligently uses Wabpack to create optimized bundles.


League Gothic. Uppercased, text looks handsome and proud, but lean and agile.

What I wouldn't give a modern and refreshed League Gothic?


I adopted Evan You's canvas effect. I keep a copy of the original effect in this gist. I made the script a bit more extensible with my own tweaks, and I added the motion. You can see this modified version somewhere in the source control repository linked above.


I currently use Bulma as the foundation for this site. It is clean and gets out of the way with no additional JavaScript requirements like jQuery. Bulma at this time, coupled with Gatsby, has the unfortunate downside of loading as inline styles, the bulk of Bulma.