I work at Daugherty Business Solutions at the Minneapolis / Saint Paul branch as a Software Engineer 2 and Consultant.

Work Updates

January 1st, 2017: Week 39

  • It’s a new year!

December: Week 35

  • As a side project between engagements, developed with the team a practical asset to our physical Dev Center space, a simple database-less websockets Spring Boot backend and Vue.js frontend web app that shows on the wall-mounted Dev Center screens whether or not important managers are in the office, busy or available.

November: Week 32

  • Participated in team development on an internal project focused on extracting data from git repositories and showing the activity of the development team in an easy to read at-a-glance format, using a polyglot microservice backend architecture, and an AngularJS frontend.
  • Began the on-boarding process to help development on a project management organization application that would transform the existing workflow with a modern and robust interface, primarily based on a Spring Boot microservice backend architecture, and an Angular frontend.

October: Week 28

  • Developed an extension to a previous project that would significantly enhance audit logging in the web application leveraging AspectJ unobtrusive capture for capture of per user data — user key, username, permission template, inherited roles, etc., Filebeat and Logstash for moving and processing and Elastic Search for dynamically handling queries on the audit dataset.
  • Attended my second business unit meeting, and I even received an awesome award.

September: Week 23

  • Worked on a 5 week engagement adding new functionality within the constraints of an existing legacy web based application built with Google Web Toolkit, IBM DB2 and Spring 3.
  • I attended the University of Minnesota CSE Job Fair to recruit soon-to-graduate students.

August: Week 21

  • Nearing the end of a 15 sprint engagement spanning over the last few months, I have finished building various major features with the help of my great team, primarily with customized Spring Security implementations…
    • including sponsored users with inherited permissions.
    • dynamically switching between sets of application defined permissions.
    • dynamically generated forms for customizable authorization.
    • two types of registration flow enabling automated and manual registration.
  • My team and I moved office spaces again – with the opening of the new and recently remodeled Daugherty Dev Center 2.0.
  • After the mid-year review, I was promoted! From Software Engineer 1 and Associate Consultant, to Software Engineer 2 and Consultant!

July: Week 14

  • I built various command line utilities for the team using npm, gulp, browserify, sass and more, to compile the growing dependencies needed to build a Knockout.js based client side application, and made reusable Knockout.js components.
  • Based on the outdated preconfigured virtual machine a previous team member created, I created an up-to-date Xubuntu 16.04 virtual machine image preloaded with our development stack: IntelliJ Community, MySQL, Java and more.
  • Over the last few weeks, I acted as the leader of the Accelerator 2.0 program — the training program Daugherty uses to on-board new hires, hosting an example project for a great group of three recent college graduates.

Late May: Week 9

  • I worked on a backend service layer for the foundation of an Account Management RESTful API.
  • In conjunction with the backend layer, I created components of the client side consuming application written in Knockout.js.

Early May: Week 5

  • Daugherty had their bi-annual business unit meeting, where our founder, Ron Daugherty, spoke.
  • I have left my Kitchen quarters, and now work in a team of now 12 on a greenfield project established in January.

March 28th, 2016: Week 1

  • Daugherty’s recruiter team found me at the UMN CSE Career Fair, allegedly — though I have no recollection of that event.
  • I went through three interviews, one on UMN campus with a Daugherty recruiter, and two in person at the office, first with a regular software engineer, a manager and another recruiter, and the second with a senior application architect.
  • I am consultant № 101 at this branch!
  • I work in the Kitchen.
  • Here are some photos from my first week at Daugherty.

Two final notes:
  1. If you have an interest in Daugherty, let me know. Apparently, you can get a referral, and we all win.
  2. So we are all clear, all thoughts are my own, especially the good thoughts, and do not represent Daugherty.