Ryan Rampersad


Hi, Ryan here. Here are some details about this site and the brand overall.


You can read the source for this site on Github. Historically, this has lived on Github and Gitlab in various versions.



The base palette is "white" on "black", with a mix of stone shaded grays in-between. Plus red and azure.


The signature font is League Gothic. While set in uppercase, it stands handsome and proud yet remains lean and agile.


I was inspired by Evan You's original canvas effect. While it is no longer used on his website, I keep an as-was code copy of the original effect in this gist. Today's version significantly deviates from the original.


The branding is designed to be sleek though exuberant. The signature font is bold and captivating. The red is confident with quiet intensity. The blue is reminiscent of the cloudy sky. The black is the expanse and the mastermind.

the ribbon is an homage to the threads of fate. The triangles climb from the lower left to the upper left, inspired by our endless march towards growth. But it's not guaranteed. The movement is subtle, enduring, and represents aeternus et umquam.