Ryan Rampersad

  • software engineer
  • web developer
  • consultant
  • podcaster
  • technology enthusiast
Ryan Rampersad, on a train, in the sun, with a Nexus 4

Hi. I am Ryan.

I am a software engineer, web developer, consultant, podcaster, and technology enthusiast.

I am a software engineer and consultant.

I graduated from the University of Minnesota — Twin Cities with a Bachelors of Computer Science, with a focus on software engineering, systems and compilers.

For over a decade, I have followed emerging technologies and trends and written code for fun and profit.

Since 2011, I have recorded and produced more than 600 podcast episodes across various series on the podcasting network I founded.

Résumé and Work

I know a few things, and I have done a few things.


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There's a bit more to see. Feel free to look around.

Book recommendations
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